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I recently bought a new 2012 VW Beetle.   Volkswagon offered a special launch edition, limited to 600 Beetles, in black.  It caught my eye and my 2007 VW GTI was getting a little long in the tooth, so I ordered one.   I love the new Beetle, but the ordering process was a little funky.   VW made you order the special edition through Amazon.com — but the car would be delivered through the local dealer.   A clever idea, but the implementation was bumpy.   Over a period of months I made a number of separate trips to the dealer to fill out paperwork.   I would get emails periodically from VW telling me that I needed to confirm my “reservation”, but the dealer did not have any information regarding the car or the VIN, which was required in order to complete the reservation process.

Dealer Survey

Given my travel schedule, these physical trips to the dealer were a real pain in the tail.   In the end, it all worked out, but it wasn’t pleasant process and the dealer was pretty nonchalant about my purchase.  That is to say, they were nonchalant until I completed the purchase.  Since then they have been MASTER communicators, sending me numerous emails reminding me to fill out the “dealer survey”.   They were also quick to remind me on the day of the purchase that I needed to give them “all 10s” on the survey.  They claimed that anything other than a “10” was a failing grade.  So, just exactly what is the purpose of the survey?   It benefits the dealer, not the customer.    The purchasing process for the Beetle was crappy.   Now I am supposed to give the dealer and VW high marks for the process – and take the time to fill out their stupid survey?  Just another reason why I hate having to buy a new car.  FYI — I’ve sent my survey in to /dev/null. ;o)

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