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mySQL Hack (aka Jim’s Friday Stupidity)

Made a classic, classic rookie mistake today.   Actually, what I did was galactically stupid.  Was converting/scrubbing data from a marketing list and loading it into (SFDC).  The SFDC part isn’t really relevant, but that’s the reason that I was doing it.  One of my partners was in charge of loading data into SFDC […]

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Why Wouldn’t You Use Source Code Control?

I see lots of small and midsize businesses in my role as the CTO for a Private Equity group.    Most of our companies are in the business of using technology as opposed to being in the business of developing technology.  And even though there are tons of commercial products for them to buy, they […]

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Balsamiq Mockups — One of my favorite tools

It’s not often that I run across a tool that just keeps delivering for me, but Balsamiq Mockups just keeps giving and giving.  There are certainly lots of tools out there for building storyboards and mockups.  Like any software product they all have their pros and cons.   I’m not here to debate the functionality […]

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