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Oh How I do so hate weasel-words

Reading a story at the NY Times web site that described the problems with Yahoo Mail’s recent changes when I came across this gem: In a Web cast timed to Yahoo’s third-quarter earnings report on Tuesday, Ms. Mayer highlighted a number of new updates to its sports and entertainment products, but did not mention the […]

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Microsoft iPhone Trade-in Offer Email

Jumping right on this offer from Microsoft to trade in my iPhone for a Windows Phone — Said No One, Ever .

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Endorsed Against My Will

Once again this morning I was endorsed against my will by someone on LinkedIn.   I try to keep my social contacts separate from my business contacts, but once in awhile they cross over.  In a moment of weakness, I accepted a connection on LinkedIn from Fred, the guy that I sometimes by donuts from […]

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Dances with Ruby

I’ve been working my way through a Ruby on Rails tutorial. Actually, to be fair, working my way through a Ruby tutorial, followed by a Ruby on Rails tutorial and a MacRuby tutorial. Learning a new language is always both a fun and a challenging process. Most programmers (including glorified duffers like me) have at […]

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The @ATP Boys Were Right – Soulver Is Amazing

One of the sponsor ads caught my eye when I was listening to episode 15 of Accidental Tech Podcast (15: Cat, Modifier Cat) last week – Soulver.   Marco was singing its praises as a sort of calculator on steroids, but I had never heard of it before.  I was intrigued by the description of […]

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Microsoft JDBC Driver with RazorSQL and Azure

I recently implemented a new data warehouse (more of a data mart) on Microsoft’s Windows Azure (SQL Server Database) — more on that in a later post.   In order to get some of the code working I turned to my trusty old friend, RazorSQL.  I found that I could not connect to Azure using […]

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Fastest Way To Insure That I Will Never Be A Contact

Just received a LinkedIn invite email from some recent graduate from a BioEngineering program. I went to college (masters program) at the same school, in a different program — a GIANT place — didn’t know this guy that sent me the invite.  The invite text was simply the standard blurb that LinkedIn automatically provides.   […]

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RazorSQL 6.0 – I’m buying

Richardson software recently released a major new edition of RazorSQL — one of my favorite tools.    This is a paid upgrade ($49), but well worth the money.  Checkout the additions and fixes here.  This is a product that I use EVERY day, well worth the money.  I compel you to buy it ;o)

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5by5 Hypercritical

Hypercritical is ending it’s run BWAHHHHHH!!!

I used to listen to Sirius Radio in my car during my weekly commutes to the airport.   VW didn’t offer Satellite radio as an option on my new Beetle, so I switched over to listening to podcasts while driving.  I jumped around between a few of the usual suspects, Ted Talks and Freakonomics and […]

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iPad Mini

iPad Mini, et al

I ordered an iPad mini on the first Friday that it was released. I’ve owned several iPad models, the original iPad, and the “New iPad” (i.e. the third model). In the interim, I’ve also tried out the Google Nexus 7, which I liked a lot. I still have my original iPad, but I sold the […]

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